Who is invented the air conditioner ? Benefits & Side Effect Full Details

In today’s time, everyone wants a life of luxury, and the first thing that comes to his mind is the air conditioner, which gives you coolness and comfort in today’s hot environment!

Have you ever wondered who made the air conditioner, how much did it cost to make it and what was the way to make it, everything will be known in today’s article!

When, who made the air conditioner and why?

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People knew they wanted air conditioning much before they were able to create a machine that could do it. The first serious attempt to build the air conditioner took place in the 1830s in Florida, USA. Dr. John Gorrie created a system that forced air over buckets of ice suspended from the ceiling to lower the temperatures of the rooms of hospital patients.

Navel engineering then made a box, which melted ice water onto a cloth that was on a fan that belw hot air. This device lowered the temperature of a room by 20 degrees but if used continuously for several days it could consume 1/2 million pounds of ice.

What we recognize today as an A.C – a device that cools, cleans, and dehumidifies air, was not invented until 1902.

Willis Carrier, a young engineer, created what he called an Apparatus for Treating Air. He built the machine for the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Co. in Brooklyn, New York.

Carrier used cold coils to cool the air and lower the humidity to 55 percent. The exactness of the machine was most incredible. His machine became a template which all future machines would made from.

Initially air conditioned building were mostly industrial. It was not until decades later the machine was used for personal confort. Carrier’s systems were dangerous huge, and expensive.

The first coolant was toxic ammonia, but in 1992 Carrier had a huge breakthrougt, replacing the toxic coolant with a sage coolant called dielence and introduced a central comprssor making the machine more compact.

It came when Carrer sold his invention to the movie theater companies. Only a few were air conditioned in the early 20’s but the most important debut was at the Rivoli on Broadway in New York City where 2000 people experienced his miracle on opening night.

Soon office building, department stores, and railroad cars got central air. In 1928 the US House of Representatives got it, a year later the Senate another year later the White House, and another year later the Supreme Court.

The biggest growth spurt was yet to come. After the Second World War, the first window units appeared in stores. Sales took off immediately flying from 74000 in 1948 to over a million in 1953.

Today, air conditioning is user all over the world to cool the tensions of heat, It has changed every place it has gone to. It is something that most people now can not live without.

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Benefits of Air Conditioner

As soon as summer comes, people start remembering the air condition, it has some advantages and some disadvantages too, but today I am going to tell you the benefit that no one else is going to tell!

There are some rules for living in air condition, if you live according to that then you will definitely get its benefits, otherwise it can also have many side effects which I am going to talk about next!

  • The air condition is most needed in the hospital, you must have noted one thing that the air condition in the ICU is always on, whether it is hot or cold, and the patient is not even given a warm blanket! The air condition is on because it is easy for the patient to take oxygen in it.
  • Staying in air condition cures many skin problems.
  • People who have difficulty in breathing can use air conditioners.
  • Those people who have a lot of heat, the use of AC is beneficial!
  • People who have heart problems, such people must also use air condition!
  • Because of the air condition, you are comfortable to do any work!

Side Effect of Air Conditioner

If you have become a habit of staying in AC, or if you are spending 5 to 6 hours in the office, then you may have some side effects, it starts affecting your body a lot!

  • Too much use of air condition causes many diseases in your body. And your immune system starts to weaken!
  • Excess exposure to air condition makes you fat.
  • If you have become accustomed to air condition, then you can also get sick from going outside or to a hot place!
  • You may suffer from irritability and also complain of having a headache!


Today we have learned everything about air condition, how and why it was made, if you want to get rid of the heat then you can use air conditioner! But it should be used very carefully otherwise you can also become a victim of it!

Who invented the AC first time?

Dr. John Gorrie Created a First AC for Hospital patients. He created a system of that forced air over buckets of ice for lower temperature.

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