Who invented barcode when and why | Essay on Barcode

In today’s time, you will get to see barcode on every product, today we know about its history, why it was invented and

During your visit to a shopping mall or a big Retail chain, you must have observed that the person at the counter uses a simple machine to recognize your product, and the computer automatically recognized the product, and bills you for it.

If you have observed the sticker on the product you have purchased, you would have noticed a series of black, and white bars. This technology, aptly called ‘Bar Code’ has been in use for the past many years.

What is BarCode Technology?


What is bar code technology all about? Way back in 1948, the president of a local food chain company in the US was keen on a system, which could automatically give details of products.

This system, he thought, could help maintain an inventory of the entire stock, and also help identify the goods purchased by a customer

Bernard Silver, a graduate student at Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia, and his friend Nornam Joseph Woodland, a teacher at the same Institute set to work on this project. The first idea Woodland thought of was to create a pattern with ultraviolet lights sensitive ink.

However this was expensive, and the ink was never stable to create the right pattern. Silver and Woodland modified this technology and patented the first bar code technology. However, their invention was not put to commercial use.

It was in 1966, that bar code technology became universally accepted. Today’s bar code has three major components. A software installed in a computer generates a unique bar code-the black and white lines which actually represent a unique identification tag. This is then printed through a special bar code printer, and pasted on products.

A bar code reader reads and identifies this unique code and matches it with the details of the products already present in the computer.

Let us take an example of barcode technology in a library. The details of all the books in the library are maintained in the computer with unique identification of a bar code for each book.

Each member in the library too, gets a unique bar code identification number. When the librarian wants to lend a book, all he or she does is to run the barcode reader on your card that has your unique details, and on the book you wish to take. The computer automatically tags the book to your name and the book is issued to you.

What is barcode and how it works?

Barcode is unique identification technology, invented in 1948, the president of a local food chain company in the US was keen on a system, which could automatically give details of products.

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