What is Forex Trading Full Details | Wich app is best for Forex Trading

If all of you are connected to social media or internet, then all of you must have heard about forex trading at some point or the other, you can earn money online by doing forex trading!

Today we are going to talk in detail about this forex trading, what is forex trading, how it works and how you can do this forex trading, every little information related to it is going to give you detail. So that you do not have any questions related to forex trading in your mind!

Some 30 years ago today a man named George Soares shook the whole world! At least it shook England! On September 16, 1992, this person sold 10 billion dollars, due to which George had gained 1 billion US dollars in a single day! And the Bank of England knelt down!

What is Forex Trade?

Forex Trading

First of all let us know what is meant by forex, it directly means forex exchange! In this you can trade in direct currency! That’s why we call it forex trading!

This market is open 24 hours, it is legal in India, profit and loss tax ratio is very useful in forex trading! Its total worth is around 5 trillion!

How to work Forex Trade?

In this forex trading, we buy currency instead of stock, it works mostly in US Dollar! You must be hearing daily in the news that today the dollar has increased!

If you buy a dollar for Rs.75 and after some time sell it for Rs.77, then you gain up to Rs.2 on the dollar!, so there is a loss and profit!

Which App is Best for Forex Trade?

orex Trade

Now all of you must have understood well forex trading, what is forex trading, then this question must have come in your mind that, how to trade in forex, with the help of which application you can trade!

You can use OCTAFX to trade forex! This is a very cool application and it is an award winning application! It’s very easy to use!

The best thing about this application is that you can trade in it by creating a demo account in the beginning! If you are new to trading, then you can first learn by doing demo trading for a few days by opening a demo account!

By learning from demo trading, you can earn money by trading with real account and real money! You can earn a lot of money from this!

It is very easy to deposit and withdraw, it is the secure and safest application, it has also received many awards from many countries, so I am recommending OctaFx application to all of you!

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