U.S Air Force Recruiting Process| How to Join Air Force

What qualifications should you have to go to the U.S Air Force, today we will know about it in full detail,
In today’s time, everyone has a dream that once he contributes in the service of the country, and he is ready to do anything for it, but it is definitely in the mind of today’s youth that once he joins the U.S Air Force !

What are the basic requirements to join the U.S Air Force?

U.S Air Force

If you are thinking of joining the same U.S Air Force, then some criteria have been set, you have to fulfill its standard, only then you can join the Air Force! All these criteria are met in a phased manner.

  • Be between 17 and 39 years of age.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or legal, permanent resident
  • Have a high school diploma, GED with at least 15 college credits, or GED

What is the Basic Criteria of the U.S Air Force

To join this, you have to go through three steps, if you are successful in all these three then you can join the US Air Force,


Before enlisting, you must take the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test, which covers four areas critical to the Air Force mission: arithmetic reasoning, work knowledge, paragraph comprehension and mathematics knowledge. This test helps determine whether you have the mental aptitude to withstand the demands of the Air Force and identifies your strengths to determine the careers best suited for your future success


Once you have taken the ASVAB, your recruiter will make an appointment for you at a nearby Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) to assess your physical and moral standards as set by the Air Force, the Department of Defense and federal law. When processing through MEPS, you’ll provide your jobs counselor with a list of every job and aptitude area you are qualified for and willing to train for as your Air Force career. Depending on our current needs, you will either receive one of the jobs you expressed interest in or one that best serves your strengths and our mission.


Once you’ve passed all the necessary requirements and tests and have been officially accepted into the Air Force, you’ll go into the Delayed Entry Program (DEP), which means you’re waiting for your departure date for Basic Military Training (BMT). During this time, it’s a good idea to work on your physical conditioning to prepare for the challenges of BMT

So in today’s article, we learned how you can join the U.S. Air Force, if you want to do it, then start preparing for it from today itself!

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