SHE-HULK Trailer Review, Release Date Confirmed

The whole world is a fan of the Marvel web series, so another trailer of the Marvel web series has been released! The trailer of She-Hulk is out, which is being loved by the audience!

This web series is the eighth web series of Marvel Studios, many people were very excited after watching its trailer! If its trailer is seen, it got to be seen well!

After watching this trailer, we have come to know that we are definitely getting to see something new in this web series! Hulk is already in this web series, and the world is already crazy about him!

What is the story of this She-Hulk web series?


You will get to see a female Hulk in this web series She-Hulk! There will be a total of 9 episodes in this web series and each episode will be around 30 minutes. The full name of this web series is She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, seeing that you will know that this is going to be a full comedy-drama web series!

As soon as the trailer of this web series is released, it has come to know that this web series will be released in English as well as Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, etc.

The story goes like this, in which Jennifer Walter, a lawyer, gets a chance to work in a division that has just started in the law department! In the Super Human Law Division, there are cases in which there is superhuman involvement and they have to fight their cases.

In this, he gets this SHE-HULK power from the brush banner, it is not shown in the trailer but if you know about the comic then you will know about it!

Not much was seen in this web series, but a little glimpse has been found of some superheroes!

When will the SHE-HULK web series be released?

There was a lot of speculation about this web series but as soon as the trailer was launched, all the speculations came to an end!

The series is scheduled to release on 17th August 2020 on Disney+ Hotstar! How did you like the trailer, you must tell us by commenting!

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