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Hello friends, if you want to watch Kantara movies online in Hindi, then you can stay with this article because today I will tell you how you can watch Kantara movies online on your device or by downloading it to your mobile phone or laptop can see.

Kantara Movie was released in the year 2022 and this movie crosses all the limits of creativity that we have never seen in Bollywood or in Hollywood, this movie goes beyond your heart when this movie is released. When it happened, people did not respond well to it, but as soon as people started watching this film, the film became a hit and the theaters became full.

It is a small-budget film, it cost about ₹ 160000000 to make and it is a Kannada film, so people did not pay much attention to it, but after its release, its fans started increasing so much because its creativity and story started attracting people. Then it had to be released in Hindi and dubbed for the people.

Kantara Movie Storyline

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If we talk about the story of Kantara movie then the beginning of this story is related to a small stone that protects the whole village and the villagers believe that God himself resides in this stone and this stone The connection is with a dummy god who looks like a human.

This village is located inside a forest and that’s why trees and plants are cut and animals are hunted for food and to meet their needs but the problem starts here when the government wants to take that forest under its jurisdiction. Tries to save the trees and animals, and an angel arrives in the form of a policeman.

There is a demon in this story who is not visible, but he can control any man or god with his words! And this monster wants people to fight between God and the police! The demon wants that when both fight, he will sit comfortably and drink the blood of those people, but one night it happens that the dummy god runs away and does not come back, but see in this story The only thing is who will save those villagers now!

What is Special in Kantara Movie

The movie Katara is different from all the movies you have seen till date, the story is different! In this you are going to get suspense, thriller, horror, fantasy, crime, drama, romance everything in one movie, you can go with whatever you like!

In the film Kantara, the people of the village have shown only their culture, the creativity shown in it has been shown very unique and excellent! Along with this, the music given in this film is very haunting, which touches your heart and scares you even at night, and the action is also tremendous, which is very different from other films.

Start cast of Kantara Movie

Talking about the star cast of this film, everyone’s acting in it is tremendous, but if we talk about Rishabh Shetty, then the work he has done is wonderful.

Rishabh Sethi has not only directed this film, but he has also written it and he has also acted tremendously in it.

  • Rishab Shetty
  • Kishore Kumar G.
  • Achyuth Kumar
  • Sapthami Gowda

Many more people have worked in this film, if you want more information about it, then you can check IMDb, where you will get detailed information about each and every cast.

Rating of Kantara Movie

By the way, nowadays there is a difference in rating between a flop and the success of any film, but this film is different from everything, there is no need for any kind of rating, but still, if we talk about its rating, then At the time of writing this article, the rating of this film is 8.7, which has been rated by more than 76000 people, this seals its success.

If we leave aside the rating, then the success of this film shows that only after the release of Kannada, this film had to be dubbed and released in Hindi for the audience after a few days.

Kantara Movie Ending Explained

In today’s time, everyone wants to talk about Kantara film because in this film everyone’s curiosity has increased, the ending of this film is such that very few people have understood, people only know this. Didn’t understand what happens at the end of this movie?

This film is also special because God has been added to it and God has been linked to human beings, which is not seen in any train in today’s time.

It shows the old civilization and custom and it is also shown that in olden times there used to be an agreement between God and man.

Watch Online Kantara on Netflix from 9th Dec

There are many people living all over India in which people like to speak and hear different languages, in such a way Kantara movie was first released in Kannada then this movie was released in Hindi, but many people could not go to the theater and watch that movie. Couldn’t enjoy it! But after that people saw Kantara movies in Kannada on Amazon Prime,

But the Hindi audience was eagerly waiting for it and now the release date of the Hindi version of Kantara film has come, this film will be released on Netflix on December 9, which you can watch on Netflix!

The release date of the Hindi version of this film has been done by Netflix from its Twitter account and along with Rishabh Sethi has also uploaded a video on YouTube telling that you can watch this film on Netflix on December 9.

When Kantara Release in English

Earlier the film was released in Kannada Tamil Telugu and Malayalam, after that it is being released in Hindi on the demand of the audience. But Netflix has cleared that the English version of this film will also be released on Netflix in January 2023.

Download Kantara Movie in Full HD in Hindi

You can download this movie online from the Internet, and for this, you can use any pirated website, although piracy is illegal and you can be punished for it, but in today’s time, the trend of piracy is very fast. growing from.

You can download this movie from any piracy website, for this, you can download it from now using websites like ExtraMovie and Goku.

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