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A truck is considered a very big tool for business, and if you run a business then commercial truck insurance is necessary for your business to run smoothly. Whether you own a small company with a single van or a company running an entire fleet of commercial trucks, commercial truck insurance is both essential and useful.

The right level of commercial truck insurance, such as bus insurance, taxi insurance or truck insurance, at an affordable price for you is important, especially when you are using your vehicle regularly for business.

Commercial Truck Insurance

Commercial Truck Insurance
Commercial Truck Insurance

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IFFCO Tokyo commercial truck insurance is an insurance policy that covers your commercial truck against personal and third party liabilities as well as various types of external damages. It provides coverage for any legal liabilities following death, injury or property damage to a third party arising out of the use of your vehicle.

IFFCO Tokyo commercial truck insurance

With IFFCO Tokyo’s commercial insurance policies, you get fully comprehensive commercial truck insurance that covers you not only against third party liability and property damages in the event of an accident, but also against accidental damage or loss to the vehicle. It will also provide protection against your bodily injury or death.

IFFCO Tokyo’s commercial truck insurance offers policies for a wide range of commercial trucks, such as buses, taxis, tractors, cranes, and many other goods and passenger carrying vehicles. You can also avail commercial car insurance, bus insurance, taxi insurance and truck insurance. You can insure your commercial truck through special commercial insurance policies like.

Our commercial truck insurance plan not only provides insurance coverage for commercial trucks but also covers third party liability. In addition, this plan covers any financial loss due to accidental damage or theft of your vehicle.

What does the policy cover

Subject to the limits of liability specified in the list herein, the Company shall indemnify the Insured from all sums including the costs and expenses of the Claimants if the cause of an accident during the use of the vehicle renders the Insured legally liable to pay them. It is associated with:-
Death or bodily injury to any person caused by the use of the vehicle (including loading and/or unloading).
Damage to property caused by the use of the vehicle (including loading and/or unloading).
The Company shall pay all costs and expenses with its written consent.

Subject to the limits of indemnity granted by this section to the insured, and the company shall indemnify any driver who is driving an insured vehicle on the order of the insured or has the permission of the insured, provided that such driver, as he himself The Life Assured is in full compliance with the terms of this Policy and subject to its exceptions and conditions, wherever applicable.

Company at its own option

Provide for representation on any lawful inquiry or inquiry in respect of death by any fatal accident which may be the subject of compensation under this section; And

act as a defense in the proceedings of any court of law in respect of any act or incident caused by or connected with the said offence, which may be the subject of compensation under these sections.

In the event of the death of any person entitled to indemnity under this policy, the Company shall indemnify its/his personal representative (a) in respect of the liability incurred by that person subject to the terms of this policy and subject to the terms of this policy Provided that such Personal Representatives, as if they are the Insured themselves, comply fully with the terms of this Policy and are subject to the exceptions and conditions thereof, wherever applicable.

Personal Accident Cover for Owner-Driver: Otherwise subject to the terms, exceptions, conditions and limitations of this policy, the Company shall be liable to pay compensation as per the following scales for bodily injury/death of the owner-driver of the vehicle in direct relation to the insured vehicle. shall act, whether while disembarking / disembarking or traveling from the insured vehicle as a co-driver, if, for any reason other than six calendar months from the date of such injury due to any violent accidental external and visible means Inside it is solved!

benefits of commercial truck policy

  • The digitally signed policy documents can be issued immediately at IFFCO Tokyo offices, POS centres, or for online purchase.
  • Service arrangements can be made at your home for a new cover or renewal, including a free inspection for non-continuity in insurance matters.
  • Large group of in-house trained surveyors used for quick attention to claims.
  • Use of claims module of online e-survey by both internal and external surveyors, for lowest TAT in claim settlement.
  • For any assistance related to claims, 24×7 call center service is available.

commercial truck policy cancellation

The company can cancel the policy by sending seven days notice with recorded delivery to the insured at the last known address of the insured and in such event the premium paid or money will be returned to the insured. From which a proportionate portion of the premium for the policy in force will be deducted. or the policy may be canceled by the Life Assured at any time by sending seven days notice by recorded delivery and if no claim has been made during the course of the policy, the insured shall be entitled to a refund of the premium out of which at the Company’s short term rates Premium will be deducted for the term of the policy in force

Where the ownership of the vehicle has been transferred, the policy cannot be canceled unless proof of the vehicle being insured elsewhere is produced. For cancellation request, the insured can contact our toll free number or issue a service request

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