What is health insurance and the Best cheap health insurance Companys?

 Health insurance is a part of everyone's life, we have always been advising you all to invest something or the other, sometimes in the stock market, sometimes in gold! But have you ever thought that where should you invest first?

Our biggest wealth, you know what it is, it is we ourselves because our earning capacity is infinite, which you can never think about, so if you are safe then you can earn as easily as you wish. can!
There is a very old saying "If there is life then there is a world", so it is very important for us to take care of our health along with our whole body. That's why we should first invest in health insurance!

When and why should we get health insurance?

When you are going to take health insurance, then many questions are going on in your mind, is it very important for you, which company should you take health insurance from, how much should you cover, how much will you benefit from it. It is going to benefit your family and all these questions must be going on in your mind, so today I am going to answer all of you!

The benefit of health insurance

There are many benefits of health insurance, the first of these is that whenever you get sick, all your savings are saved!

Because all the money that you have to spend on your illness is reduced by all the health departments, all your savings are settled and you also get cashless treatment in the hospital, so you do not have to spend any money.

If you take health insurance at a young age, then you get many benefits from it. Many times it happens that whenever you take any health insurance, then you have to wait for at least 3 to 4 years there. Any of your diseases is news in him but if you take it at a young age then it is already completed for you and you do not have to wait for three to four years separately and there are not many diseases at a young age.

Because when your age is above 30 or 35 years, then you also start getting heavy, so you take health insurance at a young age, this will also help your premium and all the diseases will be cured.

In today's time, if you have a normal disease or you have to undergo any normal surgery, then it costs you from 50000 to ₹ 500000, in such a situation all your deposited capital ends in one go. If you have health insurance then all your deposits are settled and you can easily use some money

In today's time, all the jobs are desktop jobs, that is, you have to do all the work sitting and therefore your health is affected a lot and your chances of getting sick are very high, so you have to Some health insurance must be taken, it can be from your company or you can take it as this health insurance agent.

Things to keep in mind while taking health insurance

While taking health insurance, you should find out in your nearest hospital which health department is reported in that hospital and also you know how it's pre and post hospitalization is, that is, when you are hospitalized. Your cover is complete, as well as find out whether the expenses incurred 30 days before and 30 days after you are hospitalized are being covered in it or not.

Whenever you take health insurance, you must check whether the day cover policy is included in some health insurance or not.

Because in today's time there are many such surgeries in which you are discharged after surgery in a single day, in this you do not need to be admitted, so whether that insurance is covering your health or not

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