How to Find New LIC Customers in 2022

 Our new topic today is that we are going to tell you in this article about how to find new customers for LIC that you have no shortage of LIC customers, your diary should never be empty and you always have new- New customers coming on their own, it happens with very few people or it does not happen, but we are going to tell you some tips today with the help of which you will be able to meet new customers every day and their A Will IC and you can earn handsome money.

There are so many ideas from which you can find a customer in any field, but today we are going to tell you in an orderly manner how an agent should roam a new customer.

Best Way to Find New Customer

Our first and best way to do this is to put a servicing cant in a lot of fairs or even here a public event takes place, but you must have seen that there are agents from some company who give you a pamphlet or a lot of information. And he writes your information on a register like your name number and address etc. If you call pako, you can do this job easily, you can go to a public event and spend a little money there, you can explain them through the pamphlet and collect their data or it is considered very active and good way is.

In this, the second and best way is believed that you will go to some such sector, now go to a company where a lot of employees work and meet the manager there. And explain to them about your plan, if you have 1000 employees working here, then I will give them this plan and or it will be good for your company and also good for your response, in this way you can make a customer by doing your own Conventions. It is a bit difficult but not impossible

You do not have to do this work for just 1 day, you have to do this work for 12 days throughout the year, that is, you have to do 1 day every month. If you do a servicing tax on one day, then if you crate the data of at least 100 people then you are In the whole year, the data will be collected for 12 years and if you call them, you can get 50% of them or even 20% people for LIC. Think how many lakhs you have paid to those people!

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